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Yiren Breast Patch

Yiren Breast Patch

Make healthy women more beautiful, Make beautiful women more healthy.

38fule yiren breast patch has advantage of hyperplasia of mammary glands, breast lump paste and discomfort than other similar products.It selects many kinds of chinese natural precious herbs.using the most advanced liposome coating technology and drug micro molecular biological extraction refined technology, which effects diseased region directly according to chinese traditional medicine "Treat an internal illness by external treatment" theory.

Product specifications: 5g/ pieceX6 / box

Main ingredients:

Angelica, safflower, Fructus Trichosanthis, fructus forsythiae,dandelion,, frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, clove, borneol

It is chinese pure traditional medicine extraction, no any toxic side effect, no sensitization; simply pasting, It can rapidly relieve breast pain and discomfort in 12 hours ,and effective component ratio has improved more than 13 times of traditional products , It overcomes rebound fundamentally.

Product features:

1.12 hours effective after pasting, 13 times function improvement.

It can quickly ease breast pain and discomfort within 12 hours,, compared to traditional products ,the composition enhances more than 13 times,and more prominent effect.

2.Application wide range of women age

The product is suitable for 29 to 56 year’s old range of women .

3. Chinese pure medicine extraction, accuracy and safety

Chinese pure herbal medicine extraction, close to breast region, through skin acupoint penetration ,drug factor can directly effect on diseased region, it is more effective and safe.

Product advantage:

1.Scientific and reasonable prescription

Combined with Chinese medicine "Treat an internal illness by external treatment" theory, using over ten chinese refined precious herbal medicine ,with traditional acupoint transdermal absorption, It is scientific and effective for breast disease.

2 .Excellent technology ,close-fitting and comfortable.

After a unique process, choosing soft cotton which is more suitable for skin, and different skin women type.It is no toxic side effects and sensitization.

3. Strong and lasting efficacy,

Powerful drug factor, It can adsorb and assemble in disease region, playing a lasting efficacy, dissolution and absorption hyperplasia, rapidly pain relief and strong medicine efficacy.

4. Inhibition hyperplasia and recovery function

Slows down DNA’s copy speed of mammary epithelial cell , inhibits mitosis, growth, differentiation, fission and proliferation activity, makes proliferation cells convert to normal ,thus to restore normal physiological function of breast.


1.Sub healthy population caused by hyperplasia of mammary gland

2.Breast pain, collapse, and tumor patients;

3. Breast appears orange peel, concave shaped and discomfort ;

4.Breast hyperplasia of mammary gland , overflow and nodular disease.

Usage:Clean the skin,paste on discomfort part of breast.change it 2 or 3 days.

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